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6 min read

How Apphud Helped ‘Sticker Maker’ Increase App MRR by 57%

The Applace team was struggling to increase their app's monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and was looking for solutions to improve the performance of one of their apps, Sticker Maker.
6 min read

How Apphud Helped ‘Uplens’ Increase App Revenue by 900% in 9 Months

This case study focuses on Uplens, a photo and video editor app, and its success story. We'll explore how their team has increased app revenue by utilizing Apphud's features and how this has contributed to their growth.

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5 min read

How Apphud Helped ‘Darksy Phone Cleaner’ Triple App Revenue in 1 Year

Using Apphud's cohort analysis, push notifications, and MMP integrations, the client was able to optimize user acquisition campaigns, win back users, and track key metrics.
12 min read

How Apphud helped AEZAKMI Group double app revenue and increase the conversion rate to subscription by 61% with A/B experiments

In this case study, we will describe how our client, AEZAKMI Group, increased the conversion rate and maximized their subscription apps’ revenue by launching A/B experiments in Apphud.
4 min read

How Apphud helped Lumos increase app revenue by 21% with ARPAS analytics

In this article, we will show why optimizing user acquisition campaigns on trials and analyzing the ARPAS metrics is a good idea if you are searching for new app revenue boosters.
4 min read

How Apphud helped 'PlantMe' increase app revenue by 5 times in 6 months

This case study aims to demonstrate how PlantMe adjusted its app revenue by 5 times in just half a year by delegating subscription tracking and analytics to Apphud.

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5 min read

From $200 to $30K MRR: How ‘Before and After’ boosted their app revenue with Apphud

In this article, we'll explain why using Apphud Apple Search Ads Attribution is a great opportunity to dramatically increase your app revenue.
9 min read

Apphud Promotionals Uplifted ‘forYou’ Marketing Strategy

In this article, we'll explain why Apphud Promotionals are a great alternative to a free trial. And not to sound baseless, we'll tell you how our client 'forYou' app improved its marketing strategy with our service.