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September 13, 2023
6 min read

How Apphud Helped ‘Sticker Maker’ Increase App MRR by 57%

The Applace team was struggling to increase their app's monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and was looking for solutions to improve the performance of one of their apps, Sticker Maker.

6 min read
How Apphud Helped ‘Sticker Maker’ Increase App MRR by 57%

Applace is a mobile-first company focused on building and promoting subscription-based apps. They turned to Apphud to help them streamline the user acquisition process and improve retention.

About App

This app can visualize your emotions in the form of stickers. ‘Sticker Maker: Top Stickers’ creates stickers from any photo. Choose a picture, crop it and here you go. You can express any emotion, surprise your friends, and add more fun to your chat routine.

Sticker Maker appSticker Maker app

Case Study Description

The main goal for any subscription-based app is to increase revenue. In the first month of using Apphud, the sticker maker's app managers saw a 57% increase in MRR compared month by month. 

MRR chart, ApphudMRR chart, Apphud

This uptick was achieved by optimizing user acquisition based on analytics provided by Apphud and setting up push notifications for lapsed users. Let's describe each use case in detail.

Review from Alexey, Co-Founder at ApplaceReview from Alexey, Co-Founder at Applace

1. User Acquisition campaign optimization

The Sticker Maker app has a subscription-based monetization model, so it is necessary to know the appropriate range of trial costs for each country. As an example, we have a case with a US user cohort.

Sticker Maker's user acquisition team launched TikTok and Facebook campaigns to attract new customers. By analyzing the ARPAS metric, they found that the cost per trial could be increased by a whopping 20% while maintaining advertising efficiency.

ARPAS Chart, ApphudARPAS Chart, Apphud

This increase in bidding during the auctions proved beneficial in securing additional application installations while ensuring a favorable overall financial outcome. As a result, they attracted a wider audience and increased ARPPU by ~60%.

ARPPU Chart, ApphudARPPU Chart, Apphud

In addition, by sticking with this tactic and applying it to other applications, they reduced the cost per paying user by 10-15% in 6 months. They got more bang for their buck by reducing the cost of acquiring each user.

Review from Alexandr, Co-Founder at ApplaceReview from Alexandr, Co-Founder at Applace

Apphud's accurate data allows Applace's user acquisition managers to consistently examine paying user cohorts and revise desired performance metrics to meet their financial goals.

2. Setting up push notification 

Churn is a critical issue for any subscription-based application. To re-engage lapsed customers, Applace managers used Apphud Rules - automated push notifications with in-app interactions such as surveys, discount offers, and more.

They launched a push campaign asking users why they were canceling their subscriptions. Applace simply reminded customers of the value of the product without offering any discounts. With this proactive approach, they were able to win back 15% of these users.

Sticker Maker push notificationSticker Maker push notification

Remember, success depends on experimentation - it's through trial and error that we decipher the true impact of specific messages.

3. Bonus advantage

Applace used to spend a lot of time providing basic revenue data to their clients for whom they built and promoted apps. Thanks to Apphud data, their communication process with clients has become easier and faster. App Store Connect is no longer the primary source of metrics and statistics.

Review from Vadim, COO at ApplaceReview from Vadim, COO at Applace

Typically, before a call with a customer, Applace account managers had to gather information from multiple sources: App Store Connect, other colleagues, or partners with access to the various platforms. 

With access to Apphud, each colleague can provide customers with information on MPR, cohorts, new users, and other useful metrics. This streamlines team processes and saves time.


Using Apphud's ARPAS and ARPPU analytics, Applace was able to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimize user acquisition for the Sticker Maker app. In addition, Apphud's push notifications helped them recapture subscribers and reduce churn. With Apphud's help, Sticker Maker was able to meet its revenue goals and continue to grow its business.

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