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13 min read

12 Apple Search Ads Best Practices to Maximize App Performance

In this article, we will disclose Apple Search Ads best practices and approaches that will maximize the return on your marketing spend.
8 min read

Apple Search Ads Guide: How to Launch and Analyze Your ASA Campaigns

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of Apple Search Ads, different types and structures of campaigns, and also look at revenue analysis using Apphud and other services.
6 min read

How Apphud Helped ‘Uplens’ Increase App Revenue by 900% in 9 Months

This case study focuses on Uplens, a photo and video editor app, and its success story. We'll explore how their team has increased app revenue by utilizing Apphud's features and how this has contributed to their growth.

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10 min read

Boost your App Revenue: Unleash the Power of A/B Testing with Apphud

Everyone who relates to subscription apps understands the importance of delivering a great user experience and maximizing user engagement. One of the best ways to achieve this is through A/B testing.
8 min read

A/B Test Ideas for Subscription Apps

In previous articles, we've covered the basics of paywall testing and best practices for designing and executing experiments. However, an equally important part of a successful A/B test is a good hypothesis.
17 min read

9 Best Practices for Paywall A/B-Tests: Find the Most Performing Option

In order to have top-notch subscription apps in your portfolio, you need to choose the best combination of paywall subscriptions and have a near-perfect onboarding and paywall itself.
12 min read

What is mobile app A/B Testing? How to run and analyze an A/B test

The mobile app market continues its rapid development, accompanied by growing competition among applications. In such an environment, it is necessary not only to attract traffic to your app but also to monetize it.
5 min read

How Apphud Helped ‘Darksy Phone Cleaner’ Triple App Revenue in 1 Year

Using Apphud's cohort analysis, push notifications, and MMP integrations, the client was able to optimize user acquisition campaigns, win back users, and track key metrics.