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Everything you need to know about App Revenue Growth

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3 min read

How Apphud helped Lumos increase app revenue by 21% with ARPAS analytics

In this article, we will show why optimizing user acquisition campaigns on trials and analyzing the ARPAS metrics is a good idea if you are searching for new app revenue boosters.
3 min read

How Apphud helped 'PlantMe' increase app revenue by 5 times in 6 months

This case study aims to demonstrate how PlantMe adjusted its app revenue by 5 times in just half a year by delegating subscription tracking and analytics to Apphud.
5 min read

What's new: A/B/C/D/E-tests, Data accuracy research, and Introducing Revenue API

In this article, we'll tell you about the Pricing and Paywall experiments feature update, improved Renewals Revenue Segmentation, and New calculation type in ARPPU. Curious to find out more? Here we go!

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4 min read

From $200 to $30K MRR: How ‘Before and After’ boosted their app revenue with Apphud

In this article, we'll explain why using Apphud Apple Search Ads Attribution is a great opportunity to dramatically increase your app revenue.
11 min read

Marketing Channels for Mobile App Promotion That Work

Developers who work hard on a new mobile app, but overlook a marketing strategy, often get their dreams crushed as they realize customers won't come by themselves.
2 min read

Referral program: Share, refer, and earn up to $500 with Apphud!

We’re so excited to announce our Referral Program today! Starting from July 27, when you share Apphud with friends, colleagues, and network, you’ll get up to $500 worth Gift Card for every new client who signs up.
8 min read

Mobile Attribution: How It Works

Effective attribution models will help you scale your marketing efforts by helping you understand which marketing channel is working best for your business.
10 min read

Top Five Mobile App Trends To Follow In 2022

The mobile app industry keeps changing every year. That's why every marketer asks himself today: What are the most meaningful mobile app trends in 2022? Want to know the answer to this question? This article is for you!