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Use the trustable subscription revenue data to make product growth decisions

Apphud provides the most accurate revenue data with actionable insights to boost your app

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Data that leads your app growth

Improve UA campaigns with Custom Events and Free Trial Value optimizations to increase monthly revenue by 20%.


Exceptional proceeds data accuracy of up to 99.9%. Track all important app metrics with confidence.


Sync 30+ events with mobile analytics and marketing tools automatically. You can rely on our data, as we send it precisely.


Improve UA campaigns with Custom Events and Free Trial Value optimizations to increase monthly revenue by 20%.

Insights to act smart and timely

Analyze your in-app subscriptions renewals across ASA campaigns or keywords. Additionally, use optimization tools to boost campaigns efficiency and unlock the potential for 5x revenue growth.


Run A/B pricing tests to find the most profitable combination of products on a paywall. Discover the best price for each in-app purchase to maximize app revenue.


Apphud push notification scenarios are ready to increase your app revenue by 5% in 10 minutes. Re-engage lapsed customers with promotional offers and don't lose them.

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99,99% Revenue Data Accuracy compared to App Store Connect and Google Play


Number of Tracked Events


Advanced revenue analytics: ARPAS, Cumulative LTV up to 999 days, Trial value, etc


Customizable In-App Messaging and Automations


In-depth user data: custom events, taxes, upgrades, etc.

What mobile experts tell about us
Supporting reliable and secure infrastructure is a big hassle. With Apphud, we got everything we needed just out-of-the-box! Crucial points for us were infrastructure stability, data accuracy, and close to 100% uptime. Another thing we love about Apphud is that the team is always up-to-date with actual Apple and Google updates and always hearing our feature requests. Just amazing!
Denis Sevastiyanov
CMO at Prequel
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