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Why to use Apphud as in-app subscriptions infrastructure?

Rely on the best-in-class in-app purchase solution stack. Focus on your product, not on building in-app subscriptions infrastructure.

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Mobile-first companies may spend hundreds of hours on building their own solution to support mobile in-app subscriptions. Apphud reduces this time from months to minutes. No need to write server-side code.

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Don’t waste time and money on building your own in-app purchases infrastructure. Use Apphud for free until your app revenue increases $10,000 per month.

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Delivering high reliability to every app. At scale

Platform uptime

Events tracked every month

Total revenue tracked

Apphud provides the highest accuracy on app revenue tracking. Analyze all important app metrics with a confidence.

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From small apps earning a few thousands per month to a leading mobile-focused companies.

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With Apphud you can be sure you’re not alone with in-app subscription growth challenges. We proud of our zero-ignored tickets support – answering to every request in minutes! Customers success and priority support for Enterprise clients.


Automatically send push notifications with discounts to win back lapsed customers, receive user feedback and ask customers to update payment info in case of billing issue. No coding required. Run experiments on your paywalls to find a better price. A/B-tests will be available soon.

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Apple StoreKit / Google Play Billing Library

Easy integration

Works both for iOS and Android apps

Real-time analytics

Automatic server-side receipt validation

Get user subscription state in a real time

View customer transaction history

Send events to third-party tools

Server-to-server webhooks


Friendly technical support

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Build better apps with Apphud. No credit card required. Free for startups.