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August 16, 2023
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How Apphud Helped ‘Uplens’ Increase App Revenue by 900% in 9 Months

This case study focuses on Uplens, a photo and video editor app, and its success story. We'll explore how their team has increased app revenue by utilizing Apphud's features and how this has contributed to their growth.

How Apphud Helped ‘Uplens’ Increase App Revenue by 900% in 9 Months

About App

Uplens is a mobile photo and video editor, powered by AI and designed to help users take perfect selfies and create stunning visuals in just a few taps. With their advanced retouching tools and professional-grade editing features, Uplens gives users everything they need to make photos and videos look their best. 

Uplens appUplens app

Case Study Description

With Apphud, Uplens' managers have integrated subscriptions and purchases into their app. The primary value of Apphud for them is that the infrastructure is stable and all features work as they should. 

The question is, how did they increase their app revenue 9x in 9 months? There are no miracles. There is a complex approach that includes product improvement, launching marketing campaigns, and continuous hypothesis testing. With the help of accurate data and Apphud's push notification automation tool, Uplens' managers are accelerating and optimizing the process of app business growth.

Let's go deeply into each use case separately.

Analytics and Acquisition

In addition to the infrastructure functionality, Uplens set up integrations with product analytics tools and MMPs. Apphud tracks more than 30 app subscription events that form the basis of Uplens' business dashboards. The most valuable events for the Uplens team are Trial_started, Subscription_started, Trial_converted, and Purchase. This data helps them to see the big picture and make informed decisions. 

  • AppsFlyer integration

The user acquisition team at Uplens had a bad experience with Facebook Ads before they integrated the following data flow: Apphud -> AppsFlyer -> Facebook. They optimize Facebook campaigns based on the events from Apphud: Trial_started, Trial_converted, Subscription_started, and Non_renewing_purchase. By enriching the data with these events, the UA team rebooted Facebook Ads campaigns and achieved profitable results.

  • LTV chart analysis 

To gather more accurate data, Uplens’ UA managers analyze the LTV chart to determine the appropriate price per install and the optimal advertising budget.

To estimate the effective rate they:

  • Segment data by countries
  • Choose ‘Calculating by ARPU
  • Compare 3/7/14/30 days cohorts 

Based on this data, they make decisions about which ad campaigns to scale or stop.

Cumulative LTV chart, ApphudCumulative LTV chart, Apphud
  • Amplitude integration

To cover the product analytics side, Uplens managers set up the integration with Amplitude. Sending events such as Subscription_started, Subscription_canceled, Subscription_renewed, etc., helped them evaluate which features or marketing activities affected their key metrics.

Paywall configuration tool

Working with the Paywall tool has effectively helped ‘Uplens’ promote its seasonal offers. It was convenient and easy to set up payment screens with the promo. The conversion for this offer was 3%.

Uplens Paywall created in ApphudUplens Paywall created in Apphud

In Apphud, it’s possible to configure the in-app purchase screen with custom JSON. There are available parameters for setting: titles, descriptions, localisations, font, background and color parameters, URLs to media content, etc. The number of parameters is unlimited. To simplify the screen configuration process, you can choose any products you previously added to the app. 

Rules and Notifications

Regarding the automation of push notifications, the ‘Uplens’ app used Apphud Rules Templates:

  • To win back lost subscribers. They sent a push notification immediately when a user canceled a trial. Apphud presented a promo offer screen with a personal 25% or 35% discount at the next launch. As a result, it allowed them to increase app revenue by 2% monthly.
Uplens push notification created in ApphudUplens push notification created in Apphud
  • To prevent involuntary churn. They set up rules to ask customers to update their billing info in case of a billing issue. Users received a push notification that a subscription couldn't be renewed due to a billing issue. Apphud automatically presented a billing issue screen at the next launch. About 10% of users who had the billing issue didn’t churn and updated their payment info.
Uplens push notification created in ApphudUplens push notification created in Apphud


Uplens found Apphud's stable and reliable subscription infrastructure to be a valuable asset to its success. Using Apphud's features such as Charts and Cohorts, AppsFlyer, Amplitude integrations, Paywall management tool, and Rules, ‘Uplens’ reduced churn and increased app revenue by 900 % in 9 months.

Want to multiply your app revenue too? Book a demo with our team and we’ll answer all your questions.

Head of Marketing at Apphud
7+ years in product marketing. Nataly is responsible for marketing strategy development and execution. Committed adherent of the agile methodology.

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