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April 22, 2022
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How to increase your app revenue by 5% in 10 minutes?

Interested in how to increase your app revenue by 5% in 10 minutes with Rules? We have a clear and detailed guide to help you. Read and get started!

How to increase your app revenue by 5% in 10 minutes?

What are the Rules?

The Rules are a combination of automated push notifications with in-app interactions like surveys, discount offerings, and more, that serve to engage and re-engage subscribers.

Using Rules developers can:

  • Win back lapsed subscribers
  • Reduce churn rate
  • Get cancellation insights
  • Reduce subscription renewal billing issues
  • Attract non-paying users

All of these and more can be achieved using just a web editor with zero line of code.

In our previous post, we talked about Rules and how they technically work. Our Rules were dependent on subscription events, like Trial Canceled or Billing Issue. But now, we are happy to announce Manual and Scheduled types of Rules, which open up great opportunities for engaging more subscribers.

What’s new in Rules?

The Rules have undergone some changes that will interest you. Now you can: 

  • Add up to 24 hours of delay to the event-triggered Rule.
  • Create a Rule for non-subscription events, like Paywall Shown, Paywall Payment Canceled, or even User Created.
  • Can create Manual rules that are not tied to any event at all. 
  • Can create Scheduled rules that are tied to a particular date in the future.
  • Can create Repeating scheduled rules that trigger on selected days of the week.
  • Can choose an audience for any Rule type.
  • Analyze Rule performance in any of our charts: ARPU, Proceeds, Cohorts, etc.

Event Triggered Rule with a Delay

For an event-triggered rule, you can set a delay that is limited to 24 hours max. After the timer fires, a push notification will be sent to a user. And if a user opens an app, an in-app interaction, if set, will be triggered as well.

Rule with a DelayRule with a Delay

Why may you need a delay? One of the useful cases is to use it with such custom non-subscription events, like, Paywall Payment Canceled. If the user initiated a payment but canceled it, you may want to send them a push notification with, let’s say a 1-hour delay. In the push message, you may want to offer them a discount, and if the user opens the app, an in-app interaction screen can be shown, if set, which will automatically process the payment.

Rules for non-subscription events

You can now create event-triggered Rules for the following non-subscription events:

  • Paywall Shown
  • Paywall Closed
  • Paywall Checkout Initiated
  • Paywall Payment Canceled
  • User Created

You can use these events to welcome new users with a Push message or offer discounts for non-paying users.

Manual Triggered Rules

Manual Triggered Rule lets you run a push notifications campaign with a click. There is no condition by event, just define your audience and set up a push notification and/or in-app screen.

Manually triggered push campaigns let you interact with your customers whenever and however you want.

Manual Triggered RuleManual Triggered Rule

Scheduled Rules

You can also schedule a Rule for a particular date in the future, for example, Christmas or Thanksgiving day. Deliver important messages and in-app interactions on your specified day and hour. Create as many push notification campaigns as you want.

Scheduled RuleScheduled Rule

Repeating Scheduled Rules

Another cool feature is the ability to schedule push campaigns on the specified days of the week. For example, you can send push notifications on weekends, on Mondays, or every day.

Repeating Scheduled RulesRepeating Scheduled Rules

In the screenshot above a Rule has been scheduled to run on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 15:00 UTC.

How to increase your monthly app revenue by 5-10% using Rules

Here we will share a few common use cases, which you can use to grow your monthly revenue.

  • Offer discounts to churned subscribers. Create a rule from a template called "Win Back Lost Subscribers", with a Subscription Canceled event trigger. Create an offer screen using our online editor and specify a product with a price lower than 50% to encourage customers to re-subscribe.
  • Offer additional trials to churned-trial subscribers. This requires creating a subscription promotional offer and generating a subscription key. Create the same rule as for churned subscribers, but with a Trial Canceled event trigger. While setting up an offer screen, choose your product with a trial promotional offer. So that users will start an additional trial when the current one expires. These two rules generally increase monthly revenue by 3-5%, according to our data.
  • Interact with non-paying users using a delayed Rule. Create a Rule with Paywall Payment Canceled event trigger and an audience "Non-Paying users" and add a 1- hour delay. In a push message, write about a personal limited discount and make an offer screen. This Rule may get you an additional 1-2% of monthly revenue.
  • Set up a repeating scheduled push campaign Rule for non-paying users. In a push message, write about a personal limited discount and make an offer screen. Repeat this push notification 2-3 times a week. This Rule may get you an additional 2% of monthly revenue.
Example of in-app interaction screen with a discountExample of in-app interaction screen with a discount

How to get even more app revenue from the Rules?

Create two offer screens, one with a 50% discount and the other with a 75% discount, and link these two screens:

  • Open your first screen in the Web Editor and in the “Dismiss button” section choose On tap > Present Another screen, and select the second screen.
  • After the user taps on the “Cancel offer” button, the second offer screen will be pushed.
  • In theory, you can link any number of screens by using the “On Tap” action.
In-app interaction screens can be chained togetherIn-app interaction screens can be chained together


Rules in Apphud is a powerful tool that lets you interact with your customers. By using built-in templates you can easily set up a few Rules that will increase your monthly revenue by 5-10%. In-app offer screens are provided with automatic payment processing. Analyze your Rules-derived revenue in a large set of Apphud charts.

Automatic payment processing in the in-app screens with powerful Rules-derived revenue analytics are those features that differentiate Apphud’s Rules from other Push Notification SaaS platforms.

It’s worth mentioning that Rules are code-free, the only thing you need to do is set up push notifications in your app. Try out powerful Rules in Apphud and start increasing your revenue today!

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