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Increase your app revenue

Test pricing and paywalls. Automatically win back lapsed customers.
Increase trial conversion, reduce churn and get customers insights.

Create prices and paywalls A/B-tests right out of the box – fast and super-easy!
Use the power of data to boost app revenue.

Automatically send Push notifications with discounts to win back lapsed customers, receive user feedback and ask customers to update payment info in case of billing issue.


Create rules to win back lapsed customers by giving them a discount.
Create promo paywalls and surveys in Visual Editor with no coding.


When a user cancels trial or subscription...


...we will ask a user to pass the survey

user information

If the subscription was too expensive to a user...

user information

...we’ll offer a discount or new trial to win him back

Ask customers to update their billing details in case of billing issue and reduce involuntary churn.


Use powerful visual editor to build promo offer, survey, feedback and billing issue screens.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Got a question?

What does Apphud do?
Apphud is a platform for developers to integrate and analyze subscriptions in iOS and Android apps.

• Implement subscriptions in your mobile app in a few lines of code.
• Non-renewing purchases are also supported.
• View and analyze subscription metrics. Add Integrations a large set of analytics and marketing tools: Amplitude, Mixpanel, AppsFlyer, Branch, Adjust, etc.
• Increase app revenue up to 5% by sending automated discounts for lapsed customers.
• Learn why customers cancel trials and subscriptions.
• Fix failed renewals by sending Push notifications and in-app reminders to update billing info.
What platforms do you support?
Currently we support iOS and Android.
Do I need to rewrite my purchase flow using Apphud SDK?
No. You don’t need to replace your existing code with Apphud SDK. You can run Apphud in observer mode and only listen for purchases.
Can I use Apphud just for analytics?
Yes, you can. In this case all you need is to integrate SDK.

You will be able to view Dashboard and Users list. However, if you want to use Integrations, you need to add more code. See docs describing how to add desired integration. If you would like to use Rules, implement Push Notifications, as described here.
What are Screens? How to use Screens?
Screens are a part of Rules. As for now, Rules are available only on iOS you can only present Screens in your app by using Rules. There are 4 types of Screens are available now:

Promo offer screen. To show a discount for lapsed or existing customers.
Survey screen. To ask a customer a question with a set of available options.
Feedback screen. To ask a customer for a text feedback.
Billing issue screen. To ask a user to update their billing info. Typically, used in case of billing issue.
Can I combine Screens?
Yes. You can combine different screens to implement complex scenarios. For example, you may create a survey with a set of options. You may also push another screen if user selects certain option. For example, you may push Promo offer screen with a discount for lapsed subscriber after a user selects “Too expensive” option when answering to a “Why did you cancel a subscription?” question.
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