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Measure your in-app subscriptions

Analyze valuable revenue metrics. Use integrations to send subscription events to other tools.

View key metrics of your business


Analyze your app MRR and revenue across marketing channels, countries, products.
View information about each user, including purchases history and attribution channel.


Apphud integrates with top analytics and marketing platforms like Amplitude, Mixpanel, Facebook, AppsFlyer, Branch, Adjust, Tenjin, AppMetrica.


Easily pass all subscription-based events and make
right product decisions. No additional coding required.

You don’t need to wait for App Store Connect and Google Play reports anymore. Apphud receives all data in a real time.


Apphud instantly notifies you in Slack and Telegram when customer starts trial, cancels autorenewal, gets billed, makes a refund and so on.


Got a question?

Can I use Apphud just for analytics?
Yes, you can. In this case all you need is to integrate SDK.

You will be able to view Dashboard and Users list. However, if you want to use Integrations, you need to add more code. See docs describing how to add desired integration. If you would like to use Rules, implement Push Notifications, as described here.
What timezone is used in Apphud?
For dashboard we use UTC timezone. However, when viewing user page, all dates are displayed in your browser's timezone.
How do you convert currencies?
US Dollar is a base currency in Apphud. All transactions are automatically converted to USD by the exchange rates at the time of event using OpenExchangeRates. We update conversion rates several times a day.
What currency do you use for sending revenue in Integrations?
When sending revenue to 3rd party analytics platforms, we send local currency where applicable. In particular, we send revenue in local currency to AppsFlyer, Branch and Adjust and send revenue in USD to Amplitude and Mixpanel.
Do you support Google Play promo-codes?
What will happen if I exceed the free plan limit? Will Apphud continue working?
Once you exceed the free plan limit, 14-days grace period will start. During this time you should choose and activate paid plan. Otherwise, Integrations and Rules will stop working. Nonetheless, the core functionality of Apphud won’t be disabled. Thus, in-app purchases will continue working in your app.
Read the documentation or contact us.
Explore the docs and feel free to reach out.

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