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Save your time and focus on the main thing that matters – your product. Rely in-app subscriptions infrastructure on us.

Why this is so important? Just because you have a lot of things to do: new features, design improvements, monetizations experiments, and so on. Furthermore, Apphud is not only about in-app subscriptions & purchases. Our goal is to provide a complete stack to measure and grow payments in your apps.

Development costs

It’s expensive to implement own complex in-app purchases tracking solution. At least, you need to hire iOS, Android developers, Backend and DevOps engineers.
A team like this could worth $10,000+ per month.

Support costs

In-app purchases logic is really tricky. There are a lot of side cases so debugging and support could turn support into a nightmare.
Apphud gives you reliable infrastructure with a 99.9% SLA rate for our SDK’s API.

Implementation speed

You may spend up to 6 months to develop in-house in-app purchases and subscriptions solution to production.
This results in about 30,000 lines of code. And you need to be aware of all of the Apple and Google updates to keep your SDK's up-to-date.

Rules and screens

Rules are seamless automation tool that helps to:
– send Push notifications with discounts to win back lapsed customers;
– receive user feedback;
– ask customers to update payment info in case of billing issues.


Apphud integrates with top analytics and marketing platforms including Amplitude, Mixpanel, Facebook, AppsFlyer, Branch, Adjust.
Easily pass all subscription-based events and make data-driven product decisions.

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Run A/B-experiments to find the optimal price that maximizes app revenue.

Get insights and grow trial conversion and revenue. No coding required!

We are here to help growing your business. Apphud is Free unless your apps monthly tracked revenue is less than $10K.

Free for small teams and startups

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