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June 22, 2023
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How Apphud Helped ‘Darksy Phone Cleaner’ Triple App Revenue in 1 Year

Using Apphud's cohort analysis, push notifications, and MMP integrations, the client was able to optimize user acquisition campaigns, win back users, and track key metrics.

How Apphud Helped ‘Darksy Phone Cleaner’ Triple App Revenue in 1 Year

About App

Darksy Phone Cleaner is an app that helps users easily and conveniently delete old or similar photos, screenshots, live photos, or even videos and contacts. This assistant not only cleans but also arranges everything in its right place: hide photos, videos, and contacts in secret storage or display photos in a handy list.

Darksy Phone Cleaner appDarksy Phone Cleaner app

Case Study Description

There's more than one way to use Apphud for subscription applications. If you use our platform comprehensively, you will achieve great results as the Darksy managers did.

In short, Apphud helped them in 3 ways:

Let's take a closer look at each of these strategies and techniques.

Cohort analysis 

One of the most powerful tools in revenue analytics is cohort analysis. Our client used cohort dashboards to estimate the LTV of their customers. The key point is that they filtered the cohorts by country to see the detailed statistics. The main reason for continuous cohort analysis is to determine an acceptable CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) and to forecast expenses for the next month. This approach helps both the product and marketing teams.

Using Apphud's cohort analysis tool, the client was able to gain insight into how their existing users interacted and behaved within their app. With this insight, they were able to quickly identify bottlenecks and adjust the budget based on each country's performance.


Apphud has 19 integrations with MMPs, BI systems, and other tools to enhance their data and multiply positive impact by sending in-app subscription events directly.

Darksy's marketing managers use the integration tool in two ways:

  • They send in-app subscription events to Appsflyer for better measurement of ad results. 
  • They send a trial_active event to mobile ad platforms to optimize campaigns and make informed decisions. The trial_active event allows them to understand traffic quality more quickly. For example, if you have 10 users who started the trial but in 1 day there are only 2 of them, it is an indicator to modify your ad campaign.

Apphud Integrations helped Darksy's marketing team with campaign management and results analysis to better target their audience in our complex time regarding Apple and Google user privacy policies.

Push notifications

The churn rate is a critical metric for any subscription application. To improve this metric, our client implemented automated rules to win back lapsed subscribers. Apphud Rules are a combination of automated push notifications with in-app interactions such as surveys, discount offers, and more that serve to engage and re-engage subscribers. Darksy's app managers automatically offered a discount to unsubscribed users, resulting in reduced churn.

In addition to preventing churn, this technique helps fill some product strategy gaps and get a second chance to prove your value to users.


Darksy app managers have improved their product and marketing strategies, and more importantly - increased app revenue, with Apphud tools. Our features cover every aspect when it comes to in-app subscriptions, from subscription infrastructure and management to real-time analytics, from user acquisition hacks to win-back methods. We take the complexity out of revenue analysis and make it easy to turn data into actionable customer insights. Then it's your turn to capture and successfully implement them, just like our client from the Darksy app did.

Want to multiply your app revenue too? Book a demo with our team and we’ll answer all your questions.

Head of Marketing at Apphud
7+ years in product marketing. Nataly is responsible for marketing strategy development and execution. Committed adherent of the agile methodology.

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