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October 14, 2022
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How Apphud helped 'PlantMe' increase app revenue by 5 times in 6 months

This case study aims to demonstrate how PlantMe adjusted its app revenue by 5 times in just half a year by delegating subscription tracking and analytics to Apphud.

How Apphud helped 'PlantMe' increase app revenue by 5 times in 6 months

About App

PlantMe is a service that helps you identify and discover new plant species, learn how to take care of them, be adept at preventing and treating plant diseases and become a part of a supporting community. This app will guide you on the journey of becoming the best plant parent by teaching you when to fertilize, how to repot and irrigate, how to deal with pests, what the best environment for your plant is and so much more. PlantMe is all about connecting with nature and finding balance, creating a sense of belonging, and sharing knowledge.

PlantMe AppPlantMe App

PlantMe Case Study

One of the most frequently asked questions for subscription-based apps is - Should we build our own infrastructure from the ground up or would it be better and more sensible to turn to existing trusted solutions?

PlantMe didn't hesitate and chose the second option - an option of trusting Apphud, an experienced and skillful team of professionals who know all about in-app subscription tracking. With Apphud you'll save whole months of development hours and gain more free time to focus on creating the product strategy. However, Apphud is a lot more than an in-app subscription infrastructure. It is also a comprehensive subscription revenue analytics platform that will provide you with the most accurate data for smarter decisions.

Subscription analysis

Alexander, the Founder at PlantMe checks ARPU and ARPPU reports weekly to monitor app economics.

This data, segmented by countries and months, allows him to calculate CPS (Cost Per Sale) and ROI (Return On Investment) to know the best-performing cohorts.

The Charts and Cohorts data is exported to the PlantMe BI system to enrich internal statistics and see the big picture of app revenue metrics.

ARPPU chart example, ApphudARPPU chart example, Apphud


Head of User Acquisition PlantMe sends events like trial activations, subscription starts, and cancellations to all primary Apphud integrations: Appsflyer, Amplitude, Firebase, and S2S (webhooks).

It allows him to manage traffic and scale profitable resources based on user-level data and analyze customers’ behavior on the client side.

Feedback from PlantMeFeedback from PlantMe


This case demonstrates that data is a powerful tool in the right hands. PlantMe is a great example of how you can successfully develop a product if you receive accurate analytics and delegate subscription management to a reliable partner - Apphud.

Want to multiply your app revenue too? Book a demo with our team and we’ll answer all your questions. 

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