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1 min read

What’s new: iOS SDK Update

We have worked hard on a new major iOS SDK update and are happy to announce that it is now available. Let's take a look at what's new in iOS SDK 3.0.
3 min read

Use case: How to get insights from the Cumulative LTV chart

Discover how Cumulative LTV analysis can help you maximize the success of your application with an in-app subscription model. Learn how to track this powerful metric and how it can help you optimize your app performance.
5 min read

What’s new: ARPAS, Active subscriptions, and Cumulative LTV charts

To put under your Christmas tree, we have prepared product updates. Let’s take a look at the new ARPAS, Cumulative LTV, and Active subscriptions charts. Keep reading to find out more!

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3 min read

Use case: Analyze ARPPU for the Nth day for app revenue growth

This article will cover the following topics: why ARPPU is an important metric, what insights you may have by analyzing ARPPU, and what specifics you should consider scaling your app profit.
17 min read

Guide: Increase your app revenue with Apphud

At each stage of product development, from launching to scaling, the burning question is how to make an app profitable, and how to increase revenue with no big budgets.
4 min read

How Apphud helped Lumos increase app revenue by 21% with ARPAS analytics

In this article, we will show why optimizing user acquisition campaigns on trials and analyzing the ARPAS metrics is a good idea if you are searching for new app revenue boosters.
4 min read

How Apphud helped 'PlantMe' increase app revenue by 5 times in 6 months

This case study aims to demonstrate how PlantMe adjusted its app revenue by 5 times in just half a year by delegating subscription tracking and analytics to Apphud.
5 min read

What's new: A/B/C/D/E-tests, Data accuracy research, and Introducing Revenue API

In this article, we'll tell you about the Pricing and Paywall experiments feature update, improved Renewals Revenue Segmentation, and New calculation type in ARPPU. Curious to find out more? Here we go!