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What's new: SplitMetrics Acquire Integration, Experiments Improvements, SDK Updates, and more.

In this post, you will find Apphud product updates we have been working on over the last month. These updates include a new integration, two groundbreaking features for our Experiments tool, SDK updates, and more.
10 min read

Boost your App Revenue: Unleash the Power of A/B Testing with Apphud

Everyone who relates to subscription apps understands the importance of delivering a great user experience and maximizing user engagement. One of the best ways to achieve this is through A/B testing.

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8 min read

Paywall A/B Test Ideas for Subscription Apps

In previous articles, we've covered the basics of paywall testing and best practices for designing and executing experiments. However, an equally important part of a successful A/B test is a good hypothesis.
17 min read

9 Best Practices for Paywall A/B-Tests: Find the Most Performing Option

In order to have top-notch subscription apps in your portfolio, you need to choose the best combination of paywall subscriptions and have a near-perfect onboarding and paywall itself.
12 min read

What is mobile app A/B Testing? How to run and analyze an A/B test

The mobile app market continues its rapid development, accompanied by growing competition among applications. In such an environment, it is necessary not only to attract traffic to your app but also to monetize it.
12 min read

How Apphud helped AEZAKMI Group double app revenue and increase the conversion rate to subscription by 61% with A/B experiments

In this case study, we will describe how our client, AEZAKMI Group, increased the conversion rate and maximized their subscription apps’ revenue by launching A/B experiments in Apphud.

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20 min read

Best-performing Paywall Examples for Subscription Apps

Paywall is a key element influencing the purchase and the user's decision to use the app. Whether a new user becomes a loyal user depends on the effectiveness of the paywall.
18 min read

Guide: Increase your app revenue with Apphud

At each stage of product development, from launching to scaling, the burning question is how to make an app profitable, and how to increase revenue with no big budgets.
5 min read

What's new: A/B/C/D/E-tests, Data accuracy research, and Introducing Revenue API

In this article, we'll tell you about the Pricing and Paywall experiments feature update, improved Renewals Revenue Segmentation, and New calculation type in ARPPU. Curious to find out more? Here we go!