What’s new in Apphud: SplitMetrics Acquire Integration, Experiments Improvements, SDK UpdatesLet’s see
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June 10, 2024
2 min read

What's new: SplitMetrics Acquire Integration, Experiments Improvements, SDK Updates, and more.

In this post, you will find Apphud product updates we have been working on over the last month. These updates include a new integration, two groundbreaking features for our Experiments tool, SDK updates, and more.

2 min read
What's new: SplitMetrics Acquire Integration, Experiments Improvements, SDK Updates, and more.

SplitMetrics Acquire Integration

Apphud is now integrated with SplitMetrics Acquire, allowing you to send subscription events directly to SplitMetrics and accurately optimize your Apple Search Ads campaigns.

SplitMetrics Acquire Integration with ApphudSplitMetrics Acquire Integration with Apphud

With this integration, you can gain deeper insight into your search ad performance and maximize your return on investment. 

Here’s how you can set it up in just a few simple steps:

  • Navigate to “Integrations” in Apphud: Start by logging into your Apphud account and heading to the “Integrations” section. From there, add SplitMetrics Acquire.
  • Insert Client ID: Input your SplitMetrics Acquire Client ID to link your accounts.
  • Toggle Subscription Events: Choose which subscription events you want to send to SplitMetrics by toggling the relevant options.
  • Enable Integration and Save Changes: Finally, enable the integration and save your changes to start optimizing your campaigns right away!

If you're not already using SplitMetrics Acquire, you can easily create a free account. 20,000 keywords, $25,000 monthly spend, and 8 auto rules are included!

Experiments Improvements

  • We allowed for customization of the experiment audience size
Experiments Audience Size in ApphudExperiments Audience Size in Apphud

This feature empowers you to conduct A/B testing on a specific portion of your selected audience. For instance, you can test your target paywall in the onboarding placement on 70% of users from Canada and 50% from China. Based on the test results, you can adjust the audience size - either increasing or decreasing it according to your insights.

You can also set the audience size to 0% to pause your experiment.

  • We have added a test mode to the Experiments tool
Test mode in the Apphud Experiments toolTest mode in the Apphud Experiments tool

This feature allows you to test paywalls (especially after modifying the JSON or altering the paywall appearance) before initiating the A/B test, ensuring your changes are optimal before full deployment.

Other Product Improvements

  • Enhanced Placements Feature: You can now add the same paywall to a placement multiple times, enabling the display of a paywall in the same placement for various audience segments, unlocking new possibilities for targeted engagement.
  • Improved Active Subscriptions Chart: The active subscriptions chart now supports segmentation by Install Week or Install Month, allowing you to analyze how different user cohorts utilize their subscriptions over the selected period.
Active Subscriptions Chart in ApphudActive Subscriptions Chart in Apphud

SDK Updates

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements from Apphud!

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