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September 13, 2022
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From $200 to $30K MRR: How ‘Before and After’ boosted their app revenue with Apphud

In this article, we'll explain why using Apphud Apple Search Ads Attribution is a great opportunity to dramatically increase your app revenue.

From $200 to $30K MRR: How ‘Before and After’ boosted their app revenue with Apphud

About App

Diff – Before/After Video Editor. It’s a video collage creator app, where you can create fast comparisons of two photos. Just select two photos, customize animation and other parameters, and download a video with the 'before and after' effect.

Before After Video Collage BA AppBefore After Video Collage BA App


Diff grew up to $30K MRR in a few months by using Apple Search Ads integration with Apphud. ARPU and Subscription Cohort charts segmented by Apple Search Ads campaigns and keywords were the most useful charts that helped to scale their app business.

Sales Chart, ApphudSales Chart, Apphud

From $200 to $30K MRR in 7 months

The main problem for every new app is how to significantly increase the revenue: how to test hypotheses quickly, understand the performance and make data-driven decisions.

In this case, ‘Before and After’ integrated Apphud SDK when the app’s MRR was just about $200 with the intention to boost the revenue.

Developers set up the integration between Apphud and Apple Search Ads. Apphud tracked detailed revenue metrics such as trial activations, renewals, cancellations, etc. It allows for optimizing ads based on long-term data. The conversions chart helped to find the best-performing keywords.

Real-time subscriptions data allowed app marketers to make data-driven decisions about the app’s ASA campaigns.

Apple Search Ads campaigns data, ApphudApple Search Ads campaigns data, Apphud
Apple Search Ads campaigns data, ApphudApple Search Ads campaigns data, Apphud

Asapty Integration

Mobile Marketing Manager from Diff used Asapty to collect relevant keywords for Apple Search Ads, launch and scale campaigns, and use ROI-based optimization with auto rules to grow revenue. After this successful case, it was decided to create direct integration between Apphud and Asapty.

Apple Search Ads Integration

Apphud has the integration with ASA using both AdServices and iAd frameworks in order to cover 100% of users. The AdServices framework is available for iOS 14.3+ users and works regardless of ATT consent which is amazing! You can find more about ASA integration in our blog post.

Bonus: ‘Before and After’ increased their revenue by additional $900 with Apphud’s Automated Rules

Apphud Rules allow to win back lapsed subscribers or re-engage new customers by sending them push notifications at the right time with automated in-app screens. The payment is processed automatically as well. 

Rules are straightforward to set up and typically increase monthly revenue by 5-10%. Diff got an additional $900 in August 2022.

Promotional Offers, ApphudPromotional Offers, Apphud

Want to learn more about the Rules? Read the following blog post.


From 2 platforms (iOS, and Android) the ‘Before After Video Collage BA’ app scaled its revenue from $200 to $30K monthly due to understanding the ideal customer profile and using this knowledge in continuous experiments and automation of the process. 

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