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December 26, 2022
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What’s new: ARPAS, Active subscriptions, and Cumulative LTV charts

To put under your Christmas tree, we have prepared product updates. Let’s take a look at the new ARPAS, Cumulative LTV, and Active subscriptions charts. Keep reading to find out more!

What’s new: ARPAS, Active subscriptions, and Cumulative LTV charts

New ARPAS chart

ARPAS has come to the scene as a new metric that is great for mobile traffic optimization. Before this update, you could find the ARPAS metric only by selecting events in the ARPPU Chart. However, we decided to make it easier for our users and have taken out this metric in a separate chart.


ARPAS = sales or proceeds / (subscription started + non renewable purchase + trial started) users count

ARPAS Chart, ApphudARPAS Chart, Apphud

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Active subscriptions

The next new chart we added is the Active subscriptions chart! It’s handy to have the ability to track active in-app subscription count and its growth dynamic. Furthermore, new segmentation by auto-renewal status is available. 

It allows you to understand the numbers of active subscriptions (with enabled auto-renewals) against the subscriptions with disabled renewals (which tend to be expired).

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Active subscriptions Chart, ApphudActive subscriptions Chart, Apphud

Cumulative LTV by ARPU and ARPAS

Another cool analytic tool we have in Apphud is the Cumulative LTV chart. We display dynamic revenue growth for different user segments with a maximum cohort of 365 days. 

LTV was calculated for only the ARPPU metric when we released this report. But sometimes it is also important to know your LTV dynamic for all (not only paying) users and for trial users. So, we added an option to select between ARPU, ARPPU, and ARPAS metrics. Enjoy!

Cumulative LTV Chart, ApphudCumulative LTV Chart, Apphud

Trial active event

Our research shows that 67% of users (across all countries, except the US), who started a trial will cancel it in 13 minutes. So, those users who have not canceled a trial within the first hour after the trial was started have a higher chance to convert into paying subscribers.

According to that analytics, we can assume that the users who haven’t canceled within an hour are more valuable in terms of LTV.

So, we added a completely new event Trial active for such cases, in order to optimize your user acquisition efforts. A trial active event is available in integration settings, so you can forward it to any MMP and then acquire mobile traffic to attract such users.

Trial active event, ApphudTrial active event, Apphud

Minor improvements

  • Convenient User ID copying in one click in the user profile
  • Bunch of other small fixes

Apphud Android SDK Release (1.7.0)

In our new Android SDK release, we have significantly improved purchases syncing logic as well as added a new method -trackPurchase, which will pass a single purchase to Apphud instead of the old one - syncPurchases method. Highly recommended to update!


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To Sum Up

These updates improved our product's efficiency, speed, and functionality to provide the best service for our clients. Sign up for FREE and try it out today!

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