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August 24, 2019
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Apphud update: dashboard, Mixpanel support, promo offers

Here's what's in Apphud: Convenient dashboard, Mixpanel integration and promotional offers support.

Apphud update: dashboard, Mixpanel support, promo offers


You can now track important metrics of your app in Apphud:

  • number of active subscriptions;
  • number of active trials and introductory offers;
  • count of users, registered by Apphud;
  • app revenue;
  • number of subscriptions and trials for selected period;
  • number of refunds and subscription cancellations due to billing issues.

You may read more about these metrics in our documentation.

We will add other important metrics: MRR, ARPU, LTV soon.

Mixpanel integration

Apphud now supports Mixpanel. You may send subscription events and revenue information to this mobile analytics plaform.

Important: we recommend disabling common mobile events collection in Mixpanel. Otherwise, revenue information duplication is possible. Read more in our documentation.

Mixpanel is a powerful analytics platform for mobile and web-apps. Some features are: users segmentation, funnels, retention analysis, A-B testing. They offer a free plan for startups.

Promotional offers

It will take just a 30 minutes to implement promotional offers since now. Apphud will help you.

Promotional offer is a discount for a subscription, which can be activated by existing or lapsed customers. It's usually used to re-activate your customer. You can setup promotional offers via App Store Connect. It's not required to send them for review. You may create up to 10 offers for every subscription. Read more about promotional offers on Apple website.

To activate promo offer you should:

  • Determine the subscriber's eligibility;
  • Generate a signature on a server;
  • Present a screen where a user can purchase promotional offer;
  • Start purchase process using the signature from point 2.

Apphud simplifies this task and can determine eligibility and generate a subscription. You only need to upload the Private Key from App Store Connect to Apphud and implement couple of methods from Apphud SDK.

You may send all subscription events connected with promotional offers: activation, renewal, convertion to regular subscription, etc. – to external analytics and messengers.

Read more about promotional offers implementation in our documentation.

Updates in Apphud SDK

We added full support of promotional offers: checking user's eligibility, signature generation, offer purchase – to our SDK. Apphud can also check if user is eligible to purchase trial or introductory offer since now.

Thank you for using Apphud! If you a not our customer, sign up using a link. Have a good day!

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