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September 07, 2020
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What's new: AppMetrica integration and improvements in Facebook and Branch events mapping

Recently in August we released AppMetrica integration and added some important updates in Facebook and Branch events mapping.

What's new: AppMetrica integration and improvements in Facebook and Branch events mapping

AppMetrica integration

AppMetrica is a free all-in-one install attribution, app analytics and marketing platform by Yandex. Measure installs, analyze user behavior and view crash reports in one place. Apphud now works with this tool: send subscription events, like trial conversions and renewals to AppMetrica. Read more about how to set up integration in our documentation.

AppMetrica integration page in ApphudAppMetrica integration page in Apphud

Updates in Facebook integration

We have also updated events mapping which may be useful if you want to separate different subscription events in Facebook Ads Manager. Facebook doesn’t show custom events in Ads Manager, but only standard events. By using custom mapping, you can make custom events to appear there.

Previously, Apphud trial_started event was being mapped to StartTrial standard event only. All renewals were being mapped to Subscribe or fb_mobile_purchase events only. Since now, you can set up your custom mapping with any Facebook standard event. For example, you can match start_trial event with Facebook fb_mobile_spent_credits event, map trial_converted event with Donate and so on. View the full list of available Facebook standard events here.

Map Apphud subscription events with Facebook Standard EventsMap Apphud subscription events with Facebook Standard Events
View mapped revenue events in Facebook Ads ManagerView mapped revenue events in Facebook Ads Manager

Updates in Branch integration

The first thing to mention is updated integration flow. Now, please add the following line after initialising both Apphud and Branch SDKs:


We’ve also implemented the same logics for Branch. Previously, you couldn’t separate different kind of renewals in Branch Dashboard, because Branch only shows revenue from their standard events. Now you can map any Apphud event with a set of Branch standard events. For example, you can map trial_converted event with Branch SPEND_CREDITS standard events.

Map Apphud subscription events with Branch Commerce EventsMap Apphud subscription events with Branch Commerce Events
View mapped revenue events in Branch DashboardView mapped revenue events in Branch Dashboard

Enable Geo Country Breakdown in Branch

Just a reminder, that we have a tutorial describing how to enable showing Branch events across different countries.

Apphud servers are located in the United States. Thus, Branch considers all incoming events as from US. Unfortunately, there is no technical way to automatically show correct country in Branch dashboard, because Branch doesn’t allow overriding correct country in their events. The only way is to write email to Branch Support from your account and ask them to whitelist recording user’s country instead of server’s country.

So in order to view correct user’s country in country breakdown please contact Branch support with the following text (replace [BRANCH APP ID] with your real Branch App ID):

Subject: Whitelist recording User IP address
Dear Branch Team!
We kindly ask you to whitelist app [BRANCH APP ID] for recording User's IP Address instead of Server's IP Address as we are using Apphud service that sends our app's events server side.
Kind regards

Also don’t forget that you can use Apphud for free if your app earns less than $10,000 per month. If you haven’t tried Apphud yet – try it now. Have a great day!

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