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August 13, 2019
5 min read

Apphud – send iOS subscriptions events to analytics and messengers

After 3 months of development, we've finally launched Apphud. Today.

5 min read
Apphud – send iOS subscriptions events to analytics and messengers

What is this?

You have iOS app with auto-renewable subscriptions and Apphud SDK integrated. When a user purchases a subscription, you send App Store receipt to our server. If we find one of the following:

  • a user canceled a subscription;
  • trial has been converted to a regular subscription;
  • a subscription has been renewed;
  • a user made a refund via Apple Care;
  • etc.

Apphud will send necessary notification to Amplitude, Slack and Telegram.

You may read about what events do we send in documentation.

This data will help you to make decisions regarding your mobile application.

The goal

Sending notifications is just a small feature of a big project. We want to help mobile developers earn more. Our goal is to help to increase Lifetime value of your app.

Why did we start this project?

We are iOS developers since 2012 and developed more than 30 iOS apps by 2019. We faced a problem of tracking subscriptions a year ago and didn't find any convenient and affordable solution. And now we decided to make own solution: so the idea of Apphud came up.

What Apphud can do?

Send notifications to Amplitude, Slack and Telegram

When new subscription event occurs, Apphud sends them to external mobile analytics or messenger. Amplitude, Slack and Telegram are already ready to use. Mixpanel is coming. If you would like to ask us to add some special integration write us a few lines here: hi@apphud.com.

We also send some useful information about users to Amplitude:

  • are users paying or not;
  • are they in a trial period, introductory offer or is a regular subscriber;
  • number of payments;
  • etc.

You may read more about what events and properties Apphud sends to Amplitude here.

Validate App Store receipts

It's unsafe to validate App Store receipts on a user's device: Apple noticed this many times on WWDC. Send a receipt to our server. We will check if it's valid and send a response to your app.

Get your subscriber's current state

Apphud provides an easy way to check user's subscription state. Use just one SDK method and find out if users are in trial period or it's already expired, are they in introductory offer or is a regular subscriber.

You may assign your own identifier to a user – from your database, for example.

View user's transactions history

You may view transactions history of any user in Apphud. We also provide a bunch of useful information:

  • a user's region;
  •  timezone;
  •  IP-address;
  • device information;
  • etc.

You may view a full list in our docs.

Apphud features

It's safe

We never sold, sell and will not sell any information about your users and purchases. All data is secured using SSL protocol. App Store receipts are encrypted.

Open-source SDK

Our iOS SDK is open-source and written on Swift.

Multiple product groups support

Apphud works perfectly even if you have multiple subscription groups in your app.

View pricing details here.


We will be happy if you try Apphud and tell us what do you think. We listen and hear everything: criticism and praise. Welcome to Apphud!

CEO & Co-founder at Apphud
Serial IT entrepreneur with expertise in mobile app monetization. Former iOS developer and UI/UX designer with 12-year background in the mobile industry, fueled by a passion for innovation.