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September 06, 2019
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New update: win back lapsed subscribers of your iOS app

This time we added a feature that will help you to reduce churn rate and win back lapsed customers. We've made Rules.

New update: win back lapsed subscribers of your iOS app

UPDATE. Since the publication of the article Rules has been significantly improved in Apphud. Now we support scheduled and manual push campaigns, allowing you to run campaigns whenever you want to your custom audience.

When necessary Apphud sends Push notification to user to maximize app revenue and help you to gain insights.

There are two cases when Apphud helps to win back lapsed customer.

A user canceled trial or a subscription

If a customer cancels subscription or trial renewal, Apphud will instantly send them a Push notification. You can put any text there, for example, something like this: "Hey, why did you cancel a subscription? Could you answer a question please?". Our goal is to understand why the user canceled a subscription. This will help you to make a right decision regarding your app.

When lapsed customers open the app, they will see a survey with several options. You set these options up by yourself: "The subscription is too expensive", "Free plan is enough for me", "I found a better alternative to your app".

If users cancel trial or a subscription they will see a surveyIf users cancel trial or a subscription they will see a survey

Depending on an answer, Apphud will ask users to specify their choice by providing feedback. For example, you may ask them what alternative did they find or how can you improve the app:

Feedback screenFeedback screen

If a user chooses "The subscription is too expensive" option, Apphud will show a screen where they could purchase promotional offer with a discount or additional trial. No additional coding or sending to Apple review required. Choose any screen from our gallery and set them up in 5 minutes.

iOS purchase screen exampleiOS purchase screen example

You may view feedback and purchase screens efficiency later at the rule's "Analyze" tab.

Subscription can't be renewed due to billing issue

If Apple is unable to renew a user's subscription, Apphud will instantly send them a Push notification asking to update payment details. You can specify the exact Push notification text. Once they open the app, they will see the following screen:

Update payment info screenUpdate payment info screen

By tapping "Update payment info" they will be redirected to App Store payment information screen.

To enable rules you must:

Thank you for using Apphud. If you haven't tried Apphud yes – try for free.

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