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March 30, 2020
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What's new: Facebook integration and non-renewing in-app purchases

We are working hard adding new features to Apphud. Stay home, be safe and read what's new we have prepared for this update.

What's new: Facebook integration and non-renewing in-app purchases

Facebook integration

If you are running Facebook ad campaigns this will be must-have integration for you. Now Apphud can send subscription events directly to Facebook without using marketing platforms, like Adjust, AppsFlyer or Branch (BTW we have integrations with all of these tools). You can use this data to analyze your app KPIs on Facebook Analytics and, what's the most important, build look-a-like audiences based on the most valuable customers. For example, you may build look-a-like audience based on users who recently converted from trial to paid customers and launch ad campaign targeted to this audience in Instagram.

We have also recently launched new Billing issue event. Apphud creates this event when Apple can't renew subscription because of billing issue. You can use this event to exclude users who often experience billing issues from look-a-like audience.

Detailed instruction how to properly configure Facebook integration can be found in our docs.

Non-renewing in-app purchases support

We have also added non-renewing in-app purchases support. To get an array of all non-renewing in-app purchases user has ever purchased just call Apphud.nonRenewingPurchases(). You can also make iAP purchase in our SDK and send corresponding event to all integrations. Read more about how to work with non-renewing purchases in our guide.

* * *

We have also made several tweaks to improve stability. Please, update Apphud SDK in your app to the latest version. And don't forget to wash your hands! ? Good luck!

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