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August 16, 2020
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What's new: Tenjin integration, new filters in users and events

On this new Apphud update we've prepared Tenjin integration and new filters on Users and Events pages.

What's new: Tenjin integration, new filters in users and events

Tenjin integration

Tenjin a popular marketing platform, especially among game developers. According to Tenjin's data, the majority of the Top 10 free-to-play games use Tenjin products and services for user acquisition and monetization. Since now, Apphud works with Tenjin: send subscription events and view attribution data on user page in Apphud. Read more about how to set up integration in our documentation.

Tenjin integrationTenjin integration

New filters for users and events

We've added new filters for users and events. Including:

  • Country by IP
  • App Store Country
  • Users whose subscription expires in 24 hours
  • Events with errors while sending to integrations.
New filters on Users and Events pagesNew filters on Users and Events pages

Just a reminder that you can use Apphud for free if your app earns less than $10 000 per month. If you haven't tried Apphud yet – try it now. Have a great day!

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