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March 03, 2020
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What's new: send iOS subscription events to Adjust and collaboration

Adjust is one of the leading mobile marketing tools on the market. Since now, Apphud can send iOS subscription events to Adjust.

What's new: send iOS subscription events to Adjust and collaboration

Adjust Integration

To enable integration, open the "Integrations" tab, add Adjust and follow our docs. Once ready, Apphud will send all subscription events to Adjust, including subscription renewals and cancellations.

Adjust attribution dataAdjust attribution data


Invite your developers and use Apphud together. You have no longer to share your Apphud account with developers and marketers. Go to App settings and open the "Team" tab. While adding new teammate you can choose their role: member or admin. Despite members, admins can invite new collaborators to join the app. You can also restrict access to sensitive financial information in Dashboard and Charts to some teammates.

Invite collaborators to ApphudInvite collaborators to Apphud

App transfer

Now you can also transfer the app to another user. To do this, open App settings and click Transfer ownership button at the bottom. That's it!

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If you didn't try Apphud yet, time has come. Start using Apphud for free!

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