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September 28, 2020
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What's new: Android support and Segment integration

Now Apphud supports Android! Android Apphud SDK written in Kotlin and is available for you to.

What's new: Android support and Segment integration

You can get it here.

When adding a new app, you will be asked which platform does your app support. If you have only Android app, you can just enable Android platform and fill in two required fields: package name and service account credentials. Please check our documentation to learn how to get service account credentials.

Add Android platform while adding new app in ApphudAdd Android platform while adding new app in Apphud

Using Apphud you can safely purchase products. Your purchases will be always up to date. Apphud detects fraud, refunds & revokes as well. We support all kinds of purchases:

  • Auto-renewing subscriptions
  • One time purchases
  • Promo codes
  • Introductory Prices (Pay up front / Pay as you go)
  • Grace Periods
  • Refunds & Revokes

Android integrations

Add integrations for your Android app, and Apphud will send trial conversions, renewals, refunds and other events to any of our large set of integration systems. At the time of this article we have 12 different integrations for Android.

All integrations are also available for AndroidAll integrations are also available for Android

Cross-platform support

If you have both iOS and Android apps you should decide whether you need cross-platform support or not. This basically means adding both platforms in one Apphud app rather than creating two different apps for each platform. Cross-platform support has both pros and cons.

When you should choose cross-platform support?

If you added both platforms in one app, you will get:

  • Ability to have a single subscription per user. If you have your own login system, you can use Apphud for cross-platform subscription support. If a user purchases subscription on iOS, they will get that premium subscription on Android as well (if Apphud SDK started with the same user id).
  • One dashboard for both apps. You will be able to see aggregated revenue in dashboard and charts.

When you should NOT choose cross-platform support?

  • You don't have login system in your apps. So users from two platforms can't be merged.
  • You don't want Android app revenue to be shared with iOS app revenue. This might be useful, if you have different Apphud Members on each platform.
  • You don't want to have universal dashboard or charts.

Later we will add more filters in dashboard and charts so you can split data across platforms.

Segment integration

We have also added integration with Segment – a platform that helps you collect, clean and control customer data. From there you can resend them to any of Segment's integration partners. Integration is super easy! You don't need to add anything in your apps. Just enter "Write key" in Segment integration page and you're done!

Segment integration setup pageSegment integration setup page

Don't forget to update Apphud SDK

When you're between releases, don't forget to update Apphud SDK on iOS or Android. To update on iOS call:

  • pod update ApphudSDK if using CocoaPods;
  • carthage update ApphudSDK if using Cathage.

To update on Android check our latest releases.

We add new features often! Don’t forget that you can use Apphud for free if your app earns less than $10,000 per month. If you haven’t tried Apphud yet – try it now. Have a great day!

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