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December 01, 2023
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What’s new: Saved Charts and Cohorts by first seen/first purchase

Our team at Apphud has been hard at work, and we can't wait to introduce these awesome additions.

What’s new: Saved Charts and Cohorts by first seen/first purchase

We are thrilled to share some new features that have been added to enhance your analytics user experience.

Saved Charts

This feature is designed to personalize your way of revenue analysis. Apphud provides tons of valuable data and now you can select the most important settings and save them in My Charts!

Proceeds Chart, ApphudProceeds Chart, Apphud

You don't have to segment or filter every time to get the results you want. Save charts with custom names and work with analytics faster! We respect your time and do our best to optimize the way you use Apphud.

Cohorts by first seen/first purchase

We have also added some flexibility for cohorts in the Subscribers/Net Revenue Retention charts. Cohorts are now formed by both the user's creation date (first seen) and the user's first purchase date.

Subscribers retention Cohorts, ApphudSubscribers retention Cohorts, Apphud

Choose what best suits your analysis scenario and dive into the data to find valuable insights!

Lots of great new features are in progress and will be available soon. Increase your app revenue with Apphud and stay tuned!

Head of Product at Apphud
10+ years in mobile. Anton started his career as a backend developer, last 3 years has been working as a product manager. He created a podcast dedicated to software dev. Successfully launched (and sold) his own apps.

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