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May 17, 2024
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What's new: MRR/ARR Movement Charts, Experiments Improvements, Unity SDK Release, and more.

In this post, you will find detailed information about the new features and other enhancements that have been implemented. Our goal is to support your endeavors in managing subscriptions and optimizing revenue streams.

What's new: MRR/ARR Movement Charts, Experiments Improvements, Unity SDK Release, and more.

MRR/ARR Movement Chart

We released a new chart where you can visually track changes in Monthly and Annual Recurring Revenue over time. This chart addresses the challenge of understanding revenue trends by pinpointing the factors behind growth or decline to optimize revenue strategies.

MRR movement chart in ApphudMRR movement chart in Apphud

Experiments Improvements

  • We allowed for overriding audience when creating Experiments within placements
Placements in Experiments, ApphudPlacements in Experiments, Apphud

This suggests the capability to manually adjust or override the predefined audience targeting parameters when creating experiments within placements. Typically, experiments are conducted on a subset of users defined by certain criteria, such as demographics or behaviors. However, this feature would allow experiment creators to deviate from these predefined criteria and select a different audience for the experiment.

  • We allowed updating and deleting paywalls that take part in Experiments

This feature enables users to make changes to paywalls and placements within the Product hub, even when those paywalls are actively participating in experiments or A/B tests. This refinement emphasizes the importance of flexibility and ease of management, highlighting the user’s ability to control their paywall strategy regardless of experimental involvement.

  • We added segmentation by Experiment Variations to the Cumulative LTV/CLV charts.
Experiment segmentation in the Cumulative LTV chart, ApphudExperiment segmentation in the Cumulative LTV chart, Apphud

If you are an Apphud Expert Plan user, you have access to Predicted Analytics for Experiments. You'll be able to get predicted values for the specific AB test when segmenting by Experiment variation in the Cumulative LTV graph.

Other Product Improvements

  • We added support for new Apple EU Terms

It allows users to apply the new AppStore terms for users in the European Union. If these options are enabled, we will calculate iOS in-app purchases commission as 13% for all EU users. For such users, Apple Small Business Program settings will be ignored. Contact us to implement this update.

  • The events search bar now supports searching by Transaction ID, IDFA, IDFV, Device ID, Order ID, User ID
  • We added reinstall tracking support on Android (the latest SDK version is required).

Unity SDK Release

We are happy to announce that Apphud is now available on Unity.SDK v1.0 is available in our open-source Github repo. See the installation guide in our documentation.

SDK Updates

Contact us and we will help you with Xiaomi and Unity SDK integration.

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements from Apphud!

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