What’s new in Apphud: Paywall Analytics, Stripe Web Payments Support and Xiaomi SDKLet’s see
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April 01, 2024
2 min read

What's new: Paywall Analytics, Stripe Web Payments Support and Xiaomi SDK

We at the Apphud team are getting ready to bring you a bunch of useful new features for working with in-app subscriptions.

2 min read
What's new: Paywall Analytics, Stripe Web Payments Support and Xiaomi SDK

Paywall Analytics

The long-awaited paywall analytics are now available in the Paywalls section! Now it is possible to view a detailed analysis of key metrics for each paywall in a convenient aggregated form.

To look at the aggregate analytics, go to Product Hub -> Paywalls and overview the presented metrics in the summary table. You will also find the familiar paywall view layout under the ‘Overview’ tab.

Paywall Analytics at ApphudPaywall Analytics at Apphud

You can also select a specific paywall and click on its name for a more detailed, customizable analysis of that paywall. In this case, you can segment by a variety of criteria and add filters.

Onboarding Analytics at ApphudOnboarding Analytics at Apphud

Stripe Web Payments Support (Beta)

Web payments are becoming a popular way to charge users within mobile apps. And Stripe is the most popular solution to get started. So we are happy to announce that we have been working hard over the last few months to provide you with a convenient solution for tracking Stripe subscription events!

The Stripe integration is currently in private beta, feel free to contact us and ask for access.

Xiaomi SDK (Beta)

Apphud strives to cover all mobile platforms, and the growing Xiaomi Store is no exception. So if you're looking for ways to expand your Android audience, the new Xiaomi platforms could be a great user base growth point.

The Xiaomi SDK is currently in private beta. Contact us and we will help you with SDK integration.

SDK Updates

We advise carefully reviewing all the improvements as there are some breaking changes to take note of before updating.

Minor Improvements

  • Added a new segment Experiment variation to the Cumulative LTV chart
  • Placements optimization: now the analytics loads much faster
  • Improved LTV predictions model to take into account trial conversion and billing issue metrics
  • Added the date picker to Experiments analytics.
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