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2 min read

Referral program: Share, refer, and earn up to $500 with Apphud!

We’re so excited to announce our Referral Program today! Starting from July 27, when you share Apphud with friends, colleagues, and network, you’ll get up to $500 worth Gift Card for every new client who signs up.
9 min read

Apphud Promotionals Uplifted ‘forYou’ Marketing Strategy

In this article, we'll explain why Apphud Promotionals are a great alternative to a free trial. And not to sound baseless, we'll tell you how our client 'forYou' app improved its marketing strategy with our service.
10 min read

How to sell an app? Bonus: An Interview

Let's talk about how and where you can sell your app, if you don't want to, or you are not able to continue working on it.

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9 min read

Handling App Store billing grace period in iOS app

Recently Apple added a new feature called App Store billing grace period. It lets subscribers retain access to paid features even after subscription expired due to a billing issue.
7 min read

How To Implement Apple Receipt Validation

Complete guide on how to implement App Store receipt validation using Swift. View answers to common questions about validation that iOS developers ask.
5 min read

Determining eligibility for introductory offers in Swift

If your app uses auto-renewable subscriptions with introductory offer (trial, pay as you go or pay up front), then you should determine eligibility for such offer before showing price in your in-app purchase screen.
9 min read

How to increase the subscription revenue using subscription offers

Since iOS 12.2 Apple added new cool feature called Subscription offers. Apps with auto-renewable subscriptions can offer a discounted price for a specific duration for existing or previously subscribed customers.
11 min read

How to implement context menus in iOS 13

In WWDC 2019 and iOS 13 Apple introduced a new way to interact with your app: context menu.