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May 19, 2023
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What's new: Cohort Proceeds, Segmentation by Custom User Properties, and SDK Updates

Welcome to Apphud's latest product update blog post! We are thrilled to share with you some of the exciting new features and improvements we have made to our product.

What's new: Cohort Proceeds, Segmentation by Custom User Properties, and SDK Updates

In this blog post, we will provide an overview of all the updates: React Native and Flutter SDK updates, the Cohort Proceeds chart, Segmentation by custom user properties, and more. Read on to find out what's new!

Apphud Cohort Proceeds

The Cohort Proceeds Chart in ApphudThe Cohort Proceeds Chart in Apphud

In addition to the overall dynamic revenue analysis, we added a new chart to help you dive deeper into cohort revenue analysis.

What is the main difference between the usual Apphud Proceeds chart and the new Cohort Proceeds? In the usual Proceeds, we aggregate all revenue from different cohorts by the selected period (days, weeks, months). This works great if your goal is to estimate cash flow dynamics.

On the other hand, for user acquisition effectiveness purposes, you might want to compare, say, daily cohorts. The new chart exactly solves this case!

Segmentation by Custom User Properties

The Cumulative LTV Chart in ApphudThe Cumulative LTV Chart in Apphud

In Apphud, we have such a great option - custom user properties. It allows you to enrich the basic data that we collect with any additional properties of app users.

And today we are moving forward to give you a detailed analysis of different user segments across all our charts.

Feel free to provide additional user data via custom user properties and segment/filter all revenue/cohorts/events metrics and get even more actionable insights!

Note: This feature is only available in Enterprise plans and in the new Expert plan (coming soon).

SDK Updates

New features:

  • Rules support (iOS)
  • Added option to opt out of tracking (Flutter)
  • Paywalls support (React Native)

Referral Program Update

We made the Referral Program conditions even more attractive! When a new referral account is created and subscribed to any paid plan in Apphud through your recommendation, we will return a portion of the payments for Apphud as a bonus to you.

For the first 6 months, we will return 20% of the referral's payments, and then we will return 10%. The payouts are permanent – as long as the user continues to pay for Apphud, you will receive a bonus! We’re ready to discuss bonus payment methods personally. To dive deep into details, learn more on the terms and conditions page.

Useful Content

Additionally, for the last few months, we've written a bunch of content to help you handle your subscription app's marketing and product strategies. Read the following blog posts to keep up-to-date with mobile app trends:


In conclusion, the new product update offers several exciting features and improvements, making it a great addition to your current workflows. With these upgrades, you can grab new insights from your subscription revenue data. We hope you take full advantage of these new features to grow your app revenue with Apphud.

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