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July 27, 2022
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Referral program: Share, refer, and earn up to $500 with Apphud!

We’re so excited to announce our Referral Program today! Starting from July 27, when you share Apphud with friends, colleagues, and network, you’ll get up to $500 worth Gift Card for every new client who signs up.

Referral program: Share, refer, and earn up to $500 with Apphud!

How does the Program work?

Navigate to the profile settings (in the upper right corner of your Apphud account), then invite businesses via email. For each Referral, once a business creates and pays for the Start/Launch/Grow/Enterprise plan, you’ll earn a Gift Card with the amount depending on the plan:

  • For the Start plan, the inviter will get $100,
  • For the Launch plan – $200,
  • For the Grow and Enterprise plans – a $500 reward.
Apphud Referral ProgramApphud Referral Program


  • A maximum gift of $500 shall be awarded per Referral. So, if a business pays for a higher Enterprise plan, you will not be entitled to an additional reward.
  • This special campaign will only run until 31/08/2022. After this date, Apphud reserves the right to end the campaign or otherwise change the terms of the Referral program.

Who qualifies as a Referral?

The invitee needs to become a paid client. They cannot have previously signed up with Apphud or received a demo. They will need to invite the new paid client, who will make the first payment within 45 days of signing up on Apphud.

How do I get my gift card?

Once their Referral is successful, we will contact the inviter and let them choose their gift card from their preferred country. For example, a United States client could choose an Amazon Gift Card from Amazon US. We have a lot of popular options available and are ready to discuss an appropriate option in every case.

Note: If you choose to receive your gift card in a currency other than USD, the amount awarded shall be the local currency equivalent.

Important notes

  • Apphud reserves the right to declare a referral ineligible for the promotion if Apphud believes that you are abusing the referral program.
  • No cash alternative is available.
  • We may amend these terms to clarify them or add further detail anytime.
  • By participating in the Program, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

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