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July 08, 2022
11 min read

Top Five Mobile App Trends To Follow In 2022

The mobile app industry keeps changing every year. That's why every marketer asks themself today: What are the most meaningful mobile app trends in 2022? Want to know the answer to this question? This article is for you!

Top Five Mobile App Trends To Follow In 2022

Future of Mobile Marketing

The mobile industry has always been flexible and kept changing following external factors. Let's recall the past few years when the world dealt with the pandemic. Did the mobile industry fail? No! It quickly adapted to the new reality and greatly benefited from that!

During the pandemic, people used mobile apps to shop, order food, or meet new people online. As a result, Google updated its algorithm, and now you can see apps in Google search results. This is fantastic news because you no longer have to rely on App Store and Google Play. With the help of Google, the chances that your app will reach your target audience have increased exponentially!

Besides, mobile commerce, or m-commerce, has skyrocketed. And luckily, this doesn't seem to go away either. According to Data.ai (formerly App Annie), by 2025, people will spend 40% of their time on shopping apps. Numbers sound pretty impressive, don't they?

What else did happen in the past years? Well, Apple adopted iOS 15. Google Play adjusted its optimization. User privacy has become the number one priority. Quite a change, right?

As you know, new trends are walking hand in hand with changes, enabling companies to enhance their marketing strategy and increase sales. We believe that as long as you're adaptive, the future of mobile marketing can be full of great opportunities for your business. So, if you want to catch the wave, keep reading!

As we mentioned before, your business must be ready to adapt to new changes. And usually, as unfair as life can sometimes be, these changes happen when you least expect them. Therefore, to help you stay on track, we compiled a list of the top five mobile app trends you should keep on your radar in 2022.

1. SKAdNetwork 4.0 attribution

When you invest your money in a marketing campaign, you want to ensure that it will bring you results. And if you're wondering how to make it happen in 2022, you should pay attention to SKAdNetwork 4.0 attribution which will be released later this year.

SKAdNetwork 4.0 adds more transparency to your marketing funnel while still preserving user privacy. Here is what’s new with the SKAdNetwork 4.0:

  • Multiple postbacks. Now you can get up to three postbacks in different conversion windows (0-2 days, 3-7 days, and 8-35 days), which may affect positively trial conversion reporting.
  • Web-to-App support. Web-to-app flow now supports SKAdNetwork attribution.
  • Up to 4-digit conversion value. Depending on the Privacy Threshold, Apple may add 2 more digits to the conversion value so that developers will be able to know additional Location and Placement values.
  • Hierarchical conversion values. Apple will add a `coarse` conversion value in addition to the existing `fine` 6-bit value. Coarse-grained values will be low, medium, or high. This will give marketers at least some information instead of getting null conversion values.

2. Web2App

It's not a secret that app advertisements get more and more expensive yearly. Many marketers worldwide are looking for alternatives, and here is what we would suggest. In 2022, you should pay attention to Web-to-App.

If you're unfamiliar with this term, it's a great funnel to observe a user journey for your user's from your website to the app. This economical user acquisition funnel will save you a lot of money. But besides financial advantages, there are numerous benefits that Web2App offers.

As acquiring users can be challenging, with Web-to-App, you can better introduce your app to your target audience. When people are more familiar with your product, there is a way higher possibility they'll download your app. Provide coherent information on the website and ensure that all the answers they could potentially have, are answered. Convince them that you have an excellent product totally worth their time.

You know better than anyone else how crucial it is to grow your target audience. Well, now imagine how many people you can reach if you run web and app campaigns simultaneously. Besides, Web2App can offer you new alternatives to standard funnels. So, try it out!

Web-to-App Solution at ApphudWeb-to-App Solution at Apphud

3. iOS 15 SKAdNetwork Postbacks

Do you remember when was the first time you heard of iOS 15 security updates? Frankly, that's been quite a shock for everybody in tech and marketing. But surprisingly, it brought a lot of positive changes. App user privacy still remains the main priority for Apple, but marketers found an ethical way to get a holistic overview of their ad activity.

They referred to sophisticated models, one of which is SKAdNetwork postbacks. With this approach, you can get anything from clicks to installs and impressions. This feature has been extremely helpful in tracking the performance of ads and optimizing marketing strategies. And we believe that will be one of the leading app marketing trends in 2022. So, definitely keep an eye on it!

4. App Store Custom Product Pages

Among mobile app marketing trends, Custom Product Pages (CPP) in the App Store are a true game-changer. With this update, you'll be able to create other versions of your product's page, demonstrating different content to different people. This new feature is amazing and relevant because it allows you to target various audiences.

You can add videos, text, or photos; each page will have a unique URL. Once you put it live, you can track all the data in App Analytics. Just imagine, you'll know everything about downloads, impressions, conversion rates, and engagement. You can compare which custom page is more efficient and target the desired audience. Sounds like a dream of any marketer. Except that, it's not!

5. App Store Optimization

We have already said that a privacy policy will remain a number-one topic in 2022. With those restrictions, it's incredibly challenging to target people, so we predict that organic search and App Store Optimization will become pivotal.

The more visible your app is, the more traffic it will have on its page. And the better the overall ranking of your app will be. In that case, what you need to know is the intent of your target audience. How do they find your app? What keywords do they use in the search? So, if you still haven't done it, now is a great time to learn more about SEO and how to implement it effectively.


Keeping up with changes can be quite challenging in our fast-paced world. Especially in mobile marketing which changes with every new iOS update, a social media platform, or global outbreak. To make sure that you follow the latest trends, you should be open to innovative solutions.

One thing you should remember is always to stay ahead of your audience. Revise your marketing strategy to test new features for your product. Carefully monitor what is working and what doesn't. Don't forget to check what your competitors are doing. Remember that your ultimate goal is to make your users happy. And we hope that with our top five mobile app trends, you'll be able to achieve that.

And if you're looking for a platform to analyze your app's performance efficiently, we have a solution for you! With Apphud, you can make in-app subscriptions in just one click. And you don't have to build your own in-app purchases infrastructure anymore. We've already done it for you!

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