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January 04, 2020
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What's new: updated rules and screens editor, localization and new integrations setup

Rules is a one of the most important features of Apphud. We didn't change them since launch, but now it's time for a great update! Say "Hi" to new rules.

What's new: updated rules and screens editor, localization and new integrations setup

UPDATE. Since the publication of the article Rules has been significantly improved in Apphud. Now we support scheduled and manual push campaigns, allowing you to run campaigns whenever you want to your custom audience.

New rules

 Win back lapsed customers, reduce involuntary churn, get cancellation insights, understand who is your target audience and many more. But how to do build a new rule?

Step 1. Rule setup

Creating a rule using new editor is extremely easy and contains three steps. Firstly, select a type of rule. It can be manual, scheduled or automated. Currently, only automated rules are available, manual and scheduled will be available soon.

Manual rules can be used in temporary marketing campaigns. For example, you can send Push notification with a discount to a certain cohort of users, or ask them something.

Scheduled rules are similar to manual, but will be performed in a certain time.

Automated rules are based on events. Apphud performs these rules _automatically_ when something happens. For example, when a user cancels a subscription, starts trial or subscription renewal fails. You can combine events and use different filters:

Events configuration in automated rulesEvents configuration in automated rules

In this example the rule will be performed automatically when any user:

  • Starts My product subscription OR
  • Renews any subscription OR
  • Subscription expires, because the user previously canceled it

You can also set up a number of times a rule can be performed: just once per user or unlimited times. The first option is useful, for example, if you don't want to give a discount to the same customer twice or not be too noisy with surveys.

Step 2. User segments

Select which users will receive the rule. For example, you target rule only to users who disabled renewal or live in a certain country.

Step 3. Setup actions

Finally, select actions. You can send Push notification or present screen when the app will become active. Or even do both. Push notifications and screen can be localized to different languages. You can also build screens using Apphud visual editor without coding.

Rule templates

We also prepared a set of rule templates to make configuration even easier. Currently, 4 templates are available: win back lost subscribers, get cancellation insights, reduce involuntary churn, get customers insights. You can read more about them in our docs. We will add more templates soon.

Updated Apphud visual editor

We made major changes to Apphud screens editor. Previously you could build only promo offer screens using Apphud, but now you can build the following:

  • Promo offer screen – to give a discount for lapsed customers.
  • Survey screen – to ask user about something with predefined set of options.
  • Feedback screen – to ask user to provide text feedback.
  • Billing issue screen – to ask user update their App Store billing info. For example, in case of billing issue.

Once created, use the screen as an action in a rule.

You can combine screens created using Apphud visual editor. For example, you can create a survey with an option that will lead to promo offer screen. Or create complex surveys with several levels. Or combine survey screen with feedback screen. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

Push notification and screens localization

Localize Push notifications and screens into different languages.

New integrations setup interface

Apphud has updated integrations setup interface now.

We divided all 19 Apphud events into 5 groups for your convenienceWe divided all 19 Apphud events into 5 groups for your convenience

We also made tons of internal improvements to make Apphud even faster. Thank you for using Apphud and stay tuned for updates! New features are coming soon.

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