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Marketing & Product
4 min read

What's new: Manual & Scheduled Rules, TikTok Integration and more

Over the past few months, we’ve been busy finishing our long-awaited features and now we are proud to finally announce an April update!
3 min read

Send subscription renewal events to Firebase and Google Analytics

In this article, we will tell you about an important feature we recently rolled out – Firebase & Google Analytics integration.
1 min read

Google Play drops commissions for developers

You've probably heard that Google Play will lower commissions for developers from 30% to 15% starting from July 1, for the first $1M revenue earned each year.

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4 min read

What's new: React Native/Flutter SDK, Charts Export, Apple Receipt Checker and more

We've prepared a massive update of Apphud and released the new gorgeous features.
4 min read

What's new: Android support and Segment integration

Now Apphud supports Android! Android Apphud SDK written in Kotlin and is available for you to.
3 min read

What's new: OneSignal integration and User properties

Introducing OneSignal integration and custom user properties.
5 min read

What's new: AppMetrica integration and improvements in Facebook and Branch events mapping

Recently in August we released AppMetrica integration and added some important updates in Facebook and Branch events mapping.
1 min read

What's new: Tenjin integration, new filters in users and events

On this new Apphud update we've prepared Tenjin integration and new filters on Users and Events pages.