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Everything you need to know about App Revenue Growth

Marketing & Product
11 min read

Marketing Channels for Mobile App Promotion That Work

Developers who work hard on a new mobile app, but overlook a marketing strategy, often get their dreams crushed as they realize customers won't come by themselves.
8 min read

Mobile Attribution: How It Works

Effective attribution models will help you scale your marketing efforts by helping you understand which marketing channel is working best for your business.
10 min read

Top Five Mobile App Trends To Follow In 2022

The mobile app industry keeps changing every year. That's why every marketer asks himself today: What are the most meaningful mobile app trends in 2022? Want to know the answer to this question? This article is for you!

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9 min read

Apphud Promotionals Uplifted ‘forYou’ Marketing Strategy

In this article, we'll explain why Apphud Promotionals are a great alternative to a free trial. And not to sound baseless, we'll tell you how our client 'forYou' app improved its marketing strategy with our service.
9 min read

Your Complete Guide To Conversion Rate

Want to know how to increase your subscription app sales? Then conversion rate is a metric that you should closely monitor. In this article, we'll reveal how to calculate it to ensure that your marketing efforts pay off.
7 min read

How To Grow Your App With Retention Rate

If you want to grow your mobile app, strengthening the retention rate should be your number one priority. In this article, we'll explain what retention is and how it can help you to boost your business.
7 min read

MRR and Everything You Need to Know About It

Want to bring your app to a higher level and attract more investors? Read this article to discover how MRR can help you to do that.
9 min read

How To Track And Reduce Customer Churn With Apphud?

Want to learn more about tracking and reducing customer churn? In this article, we'll tell you how to do it effectively with Apphud.