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4 min read

SKError: Subscription Purchase Errors explained simply

When developing an iOS app that includes In-App Purchases, it's important to be familiar with the various error codes that can be returned by the StoreKit framework.
8 min read

App Store Server API in Action

We continue our set of articles and talk about changes in REST API related to In-App Purchases.
7 min read

StoreKit 2: What Is It, and How Does It Affect Apphud?

At WWDC 2021, Apple introduced many new APIs and Frameworks for developers — as well as iOS 15. One of the biggest changes is related to In-App Purchases: a new StoreKit 2.

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2 min read

StoreKit Testing Bug: Subscription Offers are not working

We would like to warn you that currently purchasing subscription offers using Xcode generated Subscription offers key is not available to anyone. Regess of using Apphud or not.
3 min read

Testing purchases using Local StoreKit Configuration File

That means you can test your In-App Purchases in iOS Simulator using Apphud SDK just like in Sandbox.
12 min read

A Simple Guide to iOS Subscription Levels

In this article, we’ll go over subscription levels and their configuration.
13 min read

How to Properly Track Subscription Revenue in iOS Apps

Find out what difficulties you face with while calculating revenue of your subscriptions based iOS app. How to properly calculate revenue?
7 min read

How To Implement App Store Receipt Validation

Complete guide on how to implement App Store receipt validation using Swift. View answers to common questions about validation that iOS developers ask.